About me

As a young music student, Francesca Marchesi discovered the Alexander Technique while studying with Conrad Klemm, with whom she eventually graduated as a flute player in 1984 at Winterthur in Switzerland. During the early years of her musical career she undertook the study of the Technique with several teachers of different schools such as Irma Rellstab and Shaike Hamelin. In 1989 she started professional training at “Centro Italiano Tecnica Alexander” with Fran Robinson and Angelo Cinque of the Scott and Carrington schools. She became a certified Alexander Teacher in 1992 and kept refining her professional skills with established masters at many workshops and special courses (John Nicholls, 1993 to 2002; Ron Murdock, 1998; Daniele Bottaro, 2001; Dorothea Magonet, 2004).

Having a keen interest for the study of the interactions between body and mind in musical performance, Francesca Marchesi graduated in 1998 in Musical Pedagogy at the “Cherubini” Conservatory, Florence, with special studies on the relations between music and movement and the neurological aspects of musical activities.

She took part in the International Alexander Teachers Congress (Engelberg, Switzerland, 1991) and the 6th International Congress of Alexander Teachers in Musical Institutions (Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, 2006), presenting her work also to the wider general audience ("Per una nuova cultura del corpo", UNESCO, Arezzo; International Sports Medicine Congress, CONI-FIV, Livorno; "Uno scenario toscano per la chitarra classica: storia e attualità", Pontedera, 2006).

She is invited for seminars and conferences at Conservatories and major music schools all over Italy (Conservatorio "Dall'Abaco", Verona; Istituto Musicale "Tonelli", Carpi; Istituto Musicale "Mascagni", Livorno; Conservatorio "Rossini", Fermo; Centro "Goitre", Arezzo; "Civici Cori", Milano; Scuola Comunale di Musica, Cecina; Istituto Musicale "Verdi", Ravenna; Scuola di Musica "Vassura Baroncini", Imola; Scuola di Musica "Verdi", Prato; Scuola di Teatro "Creatio", Rosignano; Accademia della chitarra, Pontedera; Scuola di Musica, Poggibonsi; Scuola di Musica "Bonamici", Pisa; Centro di Ricerca e Sperimentazione per la Didattica Musicale, Fiesole; C.I.M.A., Roma).

A member of the London-based Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique, Francesca lives and teaches in Tuscany.